More than payments.

VibePay provides brands with unique transactional insights by powering frictionless bank-to-bank payments, and offers access to its engaged and transactional community.

Vibe Ecosystem

Integrated services

At the centre of Vibe’s ecosystem is Vibe ID - one account with associated bank accounts, allowing a user to move seamlessly between linked products and services, and make payments via the Vibe Payment API. Transactional data is available via the Vibe Data API. Dynamic activity is shown in the VibePay App.

The Vibe ID

Transaction identity

Vibe ID is an online passport that lets your users freely transact and interact with your products and services.

Log into products and services

Link to frequently used products and services

Pay for products and services

The Vibe payments API

Powering payments

The Vibe Payment API has all the features to power the payment requirements of your business. Aligned with Vibe ID, it includes checkout and subscription functionality. With a single API integration you can process frictionless payments, increase transaction success and reduce fees. This increases your conversion and significantly reduces your fees.

FCA accredited

Vibe Data API

Transactional insights

The Vibe Data API provides your business with new insights into transactional behaviour outside your business view. Vibe gives you the power to understand where else, how much, and how frequently your customers are spending.

VibePay app

Payments as experiences

All interaction and transactional activity associated with a Vibe ID shows in the VibePay App. This value add translates to additional exposure for your brand. The Vibe community identifies with your brand in a new social way - your passive users become engaged transactional customers.


Borderless payments

VibePay was an early adopter of Open Banking, building a transactional ecosystem on top of borderless direct-to-bank payments. With 51 countries now joined to Open Banking, Vibe is best placed to lead the way with API access and growing global coverage.

  • 2019

    VibePay covers 90% of UK banks and 45 million consumers

  • 2020

    VibePay is expanding to Europe aiming to support 350million consumers

  • 2021

    VibePay will expand globally

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