Pay and Get Paid.

Pay and get paid by friends or customers instantly into your bank account using VibePay. No cards or wallets, just Good Vibes.

Here at VibePay we understand that payments are part of your everyday life. That's why the VibePay app is at the centre of our growing ecosystem. One interface that connects your ID to your bank allowing you to pay back friends or get paid directly into your bank account - avoiding middlemen, fees and delays. It's a place to see activity of friends and from brands you transact and connect with.

If you’re interested in using VibePay why not download our app. Sell things online? click right here we'd love to speak to you.

3 Simple steps

Create your own payment links. Once you've linked your bank account(s) to your VibeID, you can start creating secure payment links for any amount - no sort codes, no account numbers, no online wallets.

Share payment links with anyone, anywhere on the channels you're already using (WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

Get paid. Payees tap on your link and make the payment directly from their bank into yours - instant payment, no fees. #GoodVibes

The Vibe ID

An online passport that lets you freely interact and transact without the need for cards and wallets. Any activity associated with your Vibe ID - whether that's changes to subscriptions you have or your bank balance - is all in one place for you to see and manage.

Move freely between products you’re already using. You have one central ID connecting you to your favourite products. No need to remember seperate logins, just sign in with VibePay.

Say goodbye to cards and wallets at checkout. Your Vibe ID, which is associated with your bank account, can be used at checkout to pay for products and services you care about. All transactions linked to your Vibe ID show in your app feed.

Coming soon

Here’s a sneak peak at what’s coming next at VibePay. Keep your 👀 on our , and Instagram

Manage your transactions and subscriptions in one place. See where you’re spending from within the VibePay app. Paying a direct debit that you forgot about? We got you.

We’re taking on the world! Well, Europe first. Our community is made up of passionate people from all over the world and we want to support as many of you as we can. By taking advantage of Open Banking - already adopted by 51 countries with more joining the movement - Vibe aims to roll out social borderless payments.